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A woman in a wheelchair at office

Undoing Exclusion

Employability is vital for independence and dignity.

We focus on skills development, breaking barriers to ensure meaningful employment and sport opportunities for persons with disabilities across Southeast Asia.

Two Day Conclave

Bringing together leaders to discuss, and drive change in disability inclusion, and women in sport.


Learn the latest in technology that is helping the disabled sector


Women professionals and visually impaired golfers tee up at this unique golf tournament that celebrates inclusion.


A week long festival in 6 cities across Southeast Asia featuring 2-day conclave on disability and inclusion, assistive technology showcase, golf tournament for women professionals and visually impaired. 

We strive to transform traditional perceptions of disability, advocating for diverse workplaces. Our

vision is an inclusive working world where everyone's unique talents are valued.


UnExcluded focuses on improving disability inclusion

awareness and acceptance within corporates and individuals.


Competitive sport opportunities are also provided, empowering

persons with disability, and women to showcase their abilities.

Our Mission


We enable economic independence and dignity for people with disabilities through livelihoods and employment.

A lady in a wheelchair shaking hands with a colleague
A hearing impaired lady attending a call online


We empower persons with disability with training and assistive technology.


We enrich lives by providing opportunities with dignity, fair compensation, purpose, inclusivity, and awareness.

A leg amputee sitting on a wheechair with a basketball

What We Do


We deliver disability inclusion awareness training for corporate leadership in partnership with Incluzza, a training program from Enable India.

We also amplify NGO programs on out of home media through our partnership with Moving Hearts, a CSR initiative from Moving Walls.


Our flagship event - The UnExcluded Series, is a week long festival that comprises a two day thought leadership conclave, marketplace for NGOs and assistive technology, and a golf tournament for visually impaired and women professional golfers. We host this event in 6 cities across Southeast Asia.

We celebrate all disability related days in the calendar year by bringing together NGOs and corporate leaders to exchange thoughts and ideas.


We work with hiring managers and HR partners to write inclusive job descriptions and guidance on employing persons with disability. 

We also help Persons with Disability upgrade and cross skill using assistive technology and tools to make them relevant in today's job market.

Our Founders.

After decades of corporate experience, Shalini and Gautham are now on a karmic balancing journey. Together, they are actively raising awareness about disability inclusion in the corporate sector. Beyond only creating mainstream employment opportunities for people with disabilities, plans are also to establish a philanthropic fund to support assistive technology startups and disabled founders. Through these endeavours, they hope to ensure everyone has equal access to employment and sports opportunities, making them truly 'UnExcluded’.

Shalini Jacob

Shalini is the founder of the Unexcluded LLP team, where she channels her expertise and passion towards our core mission of fostering disability awareness, promoting inclusion, and enhancing livelihood opportunities. With a diverse skill set encompassing stakeholder management, fundraising, communication, social media engagement, and community initiatives, Shalini plays a pivotal role in shaping and executing our programs.

Gautham Devlekar

Driven by his passion for golf, Gautham is currently leading efforts to promote the sport, challenge the elitist perception among sponsors, and provide competitive playing opportunities, especially among women and individuals with disabilities, through his UnExcluded Series. These tournaments aim to offer inclusive and empowering experiences, focusing on girls from India and Southeast Asia, as well as visually impaired golfers.

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