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How inclusive is your organisation?

Want to know if your workplace is accessible? 
Want to look at ways to include persons with disabilities in your organization but don’t know where to start?

Take this quiz from our knowledge partner to find out.

The Framework

Incluzza, an offering of EnAble India Solutions, is the one-stop, comprehensive & customisable
solution to satiate your inclusion and accessibility needs.

Combining your vision with our experience, we can deliver a recipe that combines every ingredient
you need to make your inclusion goals sustainable! You can go for a single slice or eight.


Increase awareness about inclusion at all levels of your organization, through our customiSable workshops.


We will help you meet all accessibility standards: including physical, digital, & content.


Engage with your community through fun & interactive events tailored to suit your company’s style.


Is your organization’s messaging and content reflecting your inclusivity? We can help curate inclusive content to match your needs.


Want to know how well you adhere to the requirements posed by the your government? We can help provide recommendations.


We will work with you to help your leadership build the diverse competencies in order to spearhead and drive inclusion in the organisation.


Want to start hiring? Want to look at opportunities beyond hiring? We’re here to guide you through the process.


Develop a customer strategy to cater to Persons with Disability as a customer base, with their $13 trillion purchasing power.

How visible is your NGO?

Are you a local NGO? With our media partner Moving Hearts, we help amplify your message to a wider community through out of home media. These campaigns can be run at zero cost or at a deep discounted rate. 

Expand Your Reach and Impact
Boost your message through effective OOH ad campaigns with Moving Hearts. Our partner network displays ads in high-traffic spots for diverse audiences, driving awareness, support, and change.


Discounted Advertising
Moving Hearts offers cost-effective ways to connect with your audience. Using our free and discounted models, we connect you with media owners donating their inventory, providing exposure without financial burden.

Access Expertise and Support
We go beyond being a facilitative platform. Our experts ensure your campaign’s success with message refinement, ad spot selection, and continuous guidance.

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The Framework

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